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4 Days in Hoi An

4 Days in Hoi An

Exploring Da Nang


We came to Hoi An from Da Nang, which is the closest city with an airport. We flew into the Da Nang airport at the beginning of April when Uber was still available in South East Asia.

We took an Uber from the airport to our hostel in Da Nang for the night. We spent the next day walking around Da Nang and walked to the beach and back to our hostel.

Da Nang feels like in 10 years it will look exactly like Miami. There are a lot of new hotels being constructed, and many empty lots for more development.

It has a really amazing bridge called the Dragon Bridge. You can see where it gets its name:


After our walk around Da Nang we took a quick 40 minute Uber ride to Hoi An.

Walking in Hoi An

We finally arrived at our hostel in Hoi An which was a convenient 5 minute walk from the historic city center. In the evenings, the city center is car and motorbike free, which meant it was packed with tourists walking in the street. It is a beautiful town and you can understand why it is a designated UNESCO heritage site. Many of the buildings are a bright yellow, and the whole town feels very lively. At night, the lanterns that hang above the street light up and the street is filled with people walking around, creating a lively atmosphere.


At sunset the waterfront is packed with people taking boat rides and walking around searching for a place for dinner. There are tons of restaurants and bars filled with people at night.


There is a great night market with souvenirs such as lanterns. In the back of the night market there are a bunch of street food vendors.


Biking in Hoi An

Another popular activity you can do in Hoi An is bike around and explore the rice fields and city. We didn’t have the chance to rent bikes, but we saw people riding bicycles everywhere and parking their bikes.

While the city centre is closed to vehicles at night, it still allows bicycles.

Pho, Parks, and Pedestrian Only Streets in Hanoi

Pho, Parks, and Pedestrian Only Streets in Hanoi

Transportation in Taipei

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