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Tuk-tuks in Cambodia

Tuk-tuks in Cambodia

During our time in Cambodia we used tuk-tuks all the time. Tuk-tuks are two-wheeled carriages with a motorcycle attached to them. They don’t go very fast, but they were convenient and were the best way to get around.

We visited three towns in Cambodia: Siem Reap, Phnom Phen and Kampot. We used tuk-tuks in all three and had very different experiences between them all.

Tuk-tuks in Siem Reap

During our stay in Siem Reap we stayed at a beautiful airbnb with no address, which proved to be quite complicated since no one knew where the house was. Luckily, our wonderful airbnb host had a phone with a list of phone numbers for trusted tuk-tuks who knew where the house was. We were in Siem Reap for three days and wanted to do a tour of Angkor Was for 2 out of the three days.

We called one of the tuk-tuk drivers visited Angkor Wat and they took us all around for two days, we agreed on 15$ for the afternoon and 25$ for the full day. They were wonderful. They waited for us while we walked around the ruins and one of the drivers had grown up in Angkor Wat and was our own personal tour guide.


Tuk-tuks in Phnom Phen

Phnom Phen is the capital of Cambodia and is a growing metropolis and a bustling city. We were told by our hostel to download Passapp. It is a local easy ride-hailing app that allows you to choose from a taxi, large SUV, Tuk-tuk or Rickshaw.

We found that taking the Rickshaw option was the cheapest and most fun since we were three people and could fit in one. For example, we took a regular tuk-tuk from our hostel to breakfast about a 10 minute drive and it was 6 dollars there, on the way back we took a Passapp Rickshaw and it was 2 dollars!


How to Use PassApp:

  1. Select type of vehicle

  2. Select pick-up and drop-off location

  3. Pay with cash on arrival


Tuk-tuks in Kampot

Kampot is a small town in the southern coast, it was a great relief to the bustling city of Phnom Phen. We were only in Kampot for 2 days so we decided to do tours with our hostel. The first day we did a tour of the beautiful national park. The second day we did a tour of the country side. It was a jam-packed day which included a visit to the salt fields, the Kampot pepper fields, and Rabbit Island for lunch.  We did the entire tour by tuk-tuk and I’ve decided that they aren’t the best mode of transportation for long distances, especially on dusty roads.

Our tuk-tuk for our tour of Kampot

Our tuk-tuk for our tour of Kampot

For our last stop on our tour we visited the town of Kep to take a boat to Rabbit Island. The road from Kampot to Kep had recently been redone. It had crosswalks and even and a lane for tuk-tuks and motorcycles.

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